Aisha K. Staggers Is Back

Now she has run to Lipstick Alley with her crazy followers to make the crazier claim that Mayte was never pregnant and Amir never existed.

This is that follower, Tia Marie Ivy aka Msbeautifulbein on Lipstick Alley. This is also Tia’s Facebook account.



Here is the news story Aisha K. Staggers wrote about her friend Tia Marie Ivy.

Unbelievable that Aisha can find people to participate in her schemes.

Since Aisha is sitting on a panel for this symposium that is supposed to honor Prince, she had a crazy follower do the writing.

This is the Twitter account for DeAngela L. Duff, the organizer of the Lovesexy Symposium. Maybe we should all tell DeAngela that she’s making a mistake by allowing Aisha to present at her event. Do these people do background checks?